Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leo Berman swayed by Rick to not run?

Is Leo Berman having second thoughts about running for Governor, and will he saddle up on Rick's team if he chooses to stay on the sidelines? Gardner Selby has been on top of the story (link).

Leo is a bit out there to say the least, so his endorsement is not necessarily a positive, but keeping him from siphoning off votes is probably a priority for Rick, who is aiming to earn the votes of hardcore right wingers. Those Leo voters are not going to vote for Kay. They may go to Larry Kilgore or Debra Medina, but not Kay. Likely they will go to Rick if they see it as a true two person race.

Leo has to convince people that he got his way, while Rick has to convince people he is not compromising his principles just to get Leo out of the race. I am waiting to see how it plays out before casting judgment.

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