Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kay trying to ride the change train...

Politicians all saw that Obama's non message message was very very powerful. Hope and change and pixie dust.

Kay is trying to cash in on that same strain of people who want change (link). She announced yet again in a fundraising piece that she was running for governor, but still no formal announcement. Excerpt follows...
While she has not yet formally announced her candidacy, in an email sent to supporters Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison states that she is, in fact, running for the governor's seat in Austin.

Her email states that people she's encountering around Texas have expressed frustration with current governor Rick Perry's leadership, and goes on to state that "people from all parts of Texas feel it is time for a change in Austin."
CHANGE! What would Kay change about Rick's policies though is the real question? Or is it more of a style change with the same substance?

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