Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rick continues anti Washington talk...

Politico has a story about Rick's anti Washington talk, which must be so baffling for all the new residents of Washington (link). Excerpt follows...
Darling said the comments of politicians such as Perry in Texas serve an important purpose: to put the issue of whether the federal government is overreaching in front of the American people.

Mark McKinnon, a Republican strategist, suggested that the states’ rights issue could become “an increasingly powerful political hot button,” especially if the Obama administration continues to expand its control over government and the private sector.

“Rick Perry is already punching the button,” McKinnon said. “It’s clear that people who care about these issues — while perhaps not a majority yet — are passionate and noisy, which means they can be a potent political force.”
I would argue that in Texas, these people are the majority, but then again maybe I hang out with too many good ole Texas boys.

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