Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Debra Medina has some sway on internet polls...

This is not scientific but Debra Medina leads Rick and Kay in an online poll on Lone Star Times (link)...
Who do you support at this early stage in the Republican primary for governor of Texas in 2010?

* Debra Medina (62%, 615 Votes)
* None of the above - still waiting for Chuck Norris to enter. (23%, 231 Votes)
* Gov. Rick Perry (12%, 118 Votes)
* Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (3%, 30 Votes)
This is a very unscientific poll that obviously got bombarded by the Medina grassroots team, but Lone Star Times has a good following of hardcore Republican activists. If you take just Rick's votes and Kay's votes you are looking at 118 to 30, which translates to an 80/20 split in Rick's favor. Also very unscientific and should be taken with a grain of salt. It is definitely a group of very active and very angry conservative bloggers on Lone Star Times. They hate everybody just about.

It does show though that people in the far right wing blog-o-sphere really don't trust Kay. To them, she is hardly an option. She is the Dennis Kucinich of the race, to far right bloggers. She'll get a few percent just by accident but she is not even really truly a choice in their minds.

Ron Paul had similar success on internet polls. He also raised a lot of money online. He didn't go very far beyond his core group though when it came time to actually vote.

A Medina supporter blogs about the poll (link). Excerpt follows...
I can tell you that she is out working hard, speaking at any event she can find to discuss her vision of the future of Texas. Traditionally, we would dismiss a candidate such as Ms. Medina because of a lack of funding. But recall that we are coming off an election in which Ron Paul supporters were able to impact several Republican precincts around Texas. Will she be able to build from that and peel away some of Gov. Perry’s votes?
I am still dismissive. Raise a few million dollars first and then get back to me.

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