Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tom Schieffer thinks Texas is headed for disaster....

Democrat Tom Schieffer... brother of Bob Schieffer and friend of George W. Bush... is running for governor and has some off the wall things to say about Texas (link). Excerpts follow...
AUSTIN – Fort Worth lawyer Tom Schieffer, who says Texas is “literally on the road to disaster” after more than eight years under GOP Gov. Rick Perry, formally launches his bid Wednesday to replace him.

After a rally in front of the Fort Worth elementary school he attended, Schieffer plans stops in Houston and Austin as he seeks the Democratic nomination for governor. He’ll be in San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley Thursday.

“People know there is something wrong – they know that Texas is falling behind. They are worried about it,” Schieffer said in an interview last week with the San Antonio Express-News and the Houston Chronicle.


If that continues, he said, “no level of taxes ... will support the services that you have to have in this state, and I’m afraid we’re literally on the road to disaster.”
Schieffer is running on raising taxes? What a dolt. More proof that the winner of the GOP primary is the winner of the general election. Democrats cannot win with a candidate like this guy. He is awful.

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