Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Expectations game on raising dollars...

Kay has been busy raising money since December, while Rick has been banned from raising dollars due to the legislative session for the past six months.

I am hearing that Kay is going to show 20 million dollars on hand, and Rick will only have a few million dollars because he can only raise money for one week this entire reporting cycle. Rick will have to really bust his tail to raise money to play catch up. It seems like a really dumb law, but maybe a good anti incumbent measure.


  1. Just curious where you got that number from? I'm hoping "sources" isn't the answer. :)

  2. It’s been talked about by her team all winter long. It’s been in print as well. It’s been their nuke strategy since they began in Dec. Some Dallas big wig john Frances or the like was the first quoted. Matt it would seem that you would know what the plans for your own campaign are and not have to ask, right?

  3. Just hearing it bouncing around. Is 20 million dollars missing the boat? What should that number be? I was hearing that Kay was raising 1 to 3 million dollars per month, and she's been raising for 6 months. You add in the 8 million she had the last time, take away some costs, and you get 20 million.

  4. This is obviously an attempt to meet the consultants' dream of the "$100 million primary race." Governor Perry is a fantastic fundraiser, but the most he has ever raised in a six month period, however, is less than $5 million. I think that it is unlikely that Senator Hutchison raised more than a couple of million dollars during a legislative session during which she was not, and is STILL not, an announced candidate for Governor in 2010. I guess she could have used campaign funds to buy the winning Powerball ticket last weekend. But, barring that, I doubt she has more than $10 million total in the bank -- including the transfer from her Senate campaign account. More than that, in this economy, would shock me.

    I bet Governor Perry raises $5 million easily in the last week of June. That's quite a Rolodex he has.


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