Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kay the senior citizen... errr.... senior Senator...

Kay was in Denison to talk about an airport, and there was a funny flub about her age (link). Excerpt follows...

The Senator says that congestion at airports in the Metroplex means big things for Texoma's biggest airport.

"We will be out of capacity before you know it in the D.F.W. region. So, moving north is going to be very important. Planning now, after the business has already moved in is the way to go," said Sen. Hutchison.

And, while this is serious business for Grayson Co. as a whole, today's address was not without its lighter moments.

"As you all know, she's the senior citizen... uh... Senior Senator from Texas. Senior Citizen? I'm sorry about that!" said Sherman Mayor Bill Magers.

Kay is in her mid sixties, which is not that old for a woman. Rick is still in his fifties but he will be in his sixties if he serves another term.

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