Monday, June 15, 2009

Former Kay flack gets called out for stretching his involvement with Williams for Senate camp...

I have written a little bit about one of Kay's former staffers who is the go to guy for msm anti Rick quotes (link and link) and op eds (link) and negative Palin comments (link)... but this guy just seems to keep himself in the news and injected into the Rick and Kay race... is he trying to get hired by Kay as a consultant? I haven't seen any evidence of other former staffers going out of their way so much to get quoted about this race.

Last week, The Hill blogged about his new consulting firm, and in it they listed him as an advisor to Senate candidate and current Railroad commissioner Michael Williams.

The Michael Williams campaign corrected the record (link)...
Corbin Casteel, campaign manager of the Michael Williams campaign for U.S. Senate Committee, told National Journal that "Matt does not have any affiliation with our campaign, nor will he."

Matt Mackowiak responded that "I am proud to be supporting Michael Williams campaign and I hosted a young professionals event for him in Austin in May. I am willing to help in any way that I can." Mackowiak declined to directly address for the record the campaign's statment about him.
Ouch. Again.

Not a good start for the new firm. I think that's what happen when you go out of your way to step on toes. From what I can tell, Matt Mackowiak is the most persistent anti Rick individual on all of Twitter and possibly all of the msm, and that includes all those MSNBC talking heads like Keith Olbermann. More than any Democrat. More than any anti toll road guy. He is literally the most anti Rick person on all of Twitter.

Based on the really vicious and mean comments on the Statesman (link), this guy must have burned a lot of bridges. No doubt Rick's people are partially behind the Michael Williams campaign disavowing him... since Williams is seeking a potential appointment from Rick if Kay resigns... but still that is a pretty strong depantsing and a big embarrassment. I have not seen anything quite like this, and I have been around the game for a while.

Just a word to the wise... people hire consultants and lobbyists based on their positive connections to powerful people, not based on how many powerful people they can alienate and get to disown them and say nasty things about them in comment sections of newspaper blogs. "Any press is good press" doesn't always work in this business.

hat tip to "Burka's Tupperware Party Consultant" for sending The Hill update my way.

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