Friday, June 5, 2009

Kay dithering?

David Dewhurst is often criticized for dithering. He could be a lot higher up the foodchain than Lt. Governor had he just pounced on opportunities, the criticism goes.

Now Kay is getting the same criticism. Gardner Selby has the scoop (link). Excerpt follows...
Two consultants—one Republican, the other Democratic—each insisted to me this week that if U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison doesn’t fully commit to running for governor soon (say, by July 4) she risks losing momentum in her expected challenge to Gov. Rick Perry.

It just could be, each fellow said, that GOP donors who have waited for her summer declaration will reconsider if she’s not full-throated soon. Some may already wonder if she’s going to change her focus as she did before the 2006 elections.

Until Hutchison acts, it’s almost impossible for her to demonstrate otherwise—though it’s worth noting that if the senator were thinking of shutting down her gubernatorial campaign, she probably wouldn’t be adding on staff.

Amy Hopcian started in March as the Hutchison campaign’s director of research and rapid response (yes, that’s really her title). And spokesman Hans Klingler of Hutchison’s campaign announced today that Austin lawyer Pete Winstead with be steering her fund-raising in Central Texas.

Saying more supporters will be rolled out starting Friday, Klingler said the senator’s announcement “will come in plenty of time… Summer time is a lot about being with your kids out of school. Republicans will have plenty of time ot assess their choice for governor.”
Is Kay having second thoughts? Probably not, if they are hiring up. Especially if they are hiring directors of research and rapid response. I think the dithering may have less to do with whether Kay is actually running and more to do with the campaign's obsession with playing it safe. They just don't seem very active, although I am sure they are busy and working hard. I know for a fact they are. Rick's campaign seems very active, whether that is true or not in reality.

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