Friday, June 26, 2009

Is Rick the new GOP front runner for 2012...

Bernie thinks so (link). Excerpt follows...
Yesterday, there might have been three people articulating these themes in the 2012 race; Sanford, Perry and Sarah Palin. Now there will likely be two; Perry and Palin.

Rick Perry is a very agreeable man. When things get said they sound better when they come from him than when they come from others, including Sanford. In that he is like Obama. Now as they head to 2012, whatever has worked its way in the creative mind of Sanford will come in the package of Perry. Unfortunate for Sanford, but this is good for conservatives, as it brings a creative new direction in an attractive new package and this is the most important new direction of politics in America today.
Later in his blog Bernie endorses Rudy... but still has his eye on Rick. Always interesting. I don't always agree, but always interesting. Thanks, Bernie.

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