Monday, June 1, 2009


Working to wrap up a few things. Trying to cram in 140 days worth of work into one final day today.

Consider the comments open on this blog... talk amongst yourselves.


  1. Both candidates will be good for Texas, however I really think Perry has done a pretty good job sofar.

    Although, I'm kinda expecting Perry to make a run for the white house, so Kay would also be a good choice.

    I'm sooo confused...

  2. Bobbie McGrantleJune 1, 2009 at 2:31 PM

    This story by the Dallas Marxist News is so biased. It talks about how Texas is lagging in green technology, which is total bunk. We are #1 in wind by far and are the center for a lot of emerging technologies in terms of "green" energy.

    As someone who works in the energy industry internationally, I can definitely say that this state is one of the rare states that knows what it is doing on energy policy. Other countries are bad. Other states are bad. They are either corrupt kleptocracies (Alaska, the middle east) or do-gooder save-the-planet types (Europe, California). Texas is the only place on earth that does it right.

    Texas is also seeing an explosion of green, but not at the expense of what actually works here and now, and that's oil and gas.

  3. GO PERRY! Perry/Jindal 2012. Or Sanford/Perry.

  4. Jindal is overrated and we need Perry in Texas. We need the NRSC to stop pissing off the base so we can win back the Senate or at least get closer. Pelosi's majority is vulnerable. I don't think a Republican can win in 2012, but we can win back seats in Congress-- and Governorships, too.


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