Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where was Kay?

The Lone Star Times has a blog up about Kay being MIA during this session of the legislature (link). Excerpt follows...
The most surprising thing about that statement is that someone was actually able to find Sen. Hutchison. Throughout the entire legislative session, she was missing in action. As she has been for the last 16 years while she’s been in Washington, D.C. overseeing the explosive growth of the federal government.

Where was Kay in the 2008 elections? How many Republican Texas House seats were lost while she sat in her penthouse in Washington, D.C.? While Gov. Perry was out campaigning for Texas Republicans, Kay was sitting in hearings expanding the power of the federal government. Where was Kay when the Texas House allowed the Democrats to elect Joe Strauss as Speaker? Where was Kay when Senate Republicans managed to get a Voter I.D. bill out? Where was Kay when the House let all Texans down by not approving that same Voter I.D. bill?

I’ll tell you where. Sitting in her penthouse, missing in action in Texas.
I don't think that is really fair, because I think Kay has campaigned for some Republicans, but I think what is fair is criticizing Kay on Voter I.D. I cannot find a position from her on that issue ANY-WHERE. The only thing I have seen is a tweet from the illustrious and industrious Gardner Selby saying she refused to take a position on the issue, some some comments from my Rick friends who bring it up that she is missing in action on this issue.

I also don't think it is fair to talk about her sitting in her penthouse. Being a Senator is not as easy as people make it out to be. The Senate is not all champagne parties and daily naptime.

I do agree with the gist of that blog though. Kay should not be criticizing Rick for the legislative session, when the word on the street is Kay actively fanned the flames of moderate uprising against Rick on the unemployment insurance issue and several other issues. Kay also doesn't want to get into a tit for tat. 

Kay... "Rick, you are everything that is wrong about Texas."
Rick... "Fine, Kay, but you are everything that is wrong about Washington."

Rick will win that tit for tat every single time.

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  1. It will be an interesting and close race when these two titans go head to head. I look forward to it, and I believe it will be good for the Republican Party here in Texas to have some fresh debate on ideas and where the Party is headed. There has been much wrong with Washington, but Kay also voted against quite a bit of that spending (at least here lately). I also think that this is a good time of a new US Senator of Texas if we are going to get one, since the next couple of elections will more than likely lean towards Republicans and a new face could move up quickly in the ranks (assuming that the Dems and Obama continue their wreckless ways). Economically, which is what I normally blog on my site, Perry has been a huge benefit for Texas. Keep the blog posts coming!


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