Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kay misses yet another actual Senate vote...

Last week, Kay was going negative and criticizing Rick for attending a baseball game, a boxing match, and accepting a national award from the American Medical Association during the legislative session (link). A strange attack, for sure.

This week, Kay missed yet another vote in the Senate (link). Not only did she set herself up for never being able to leave the Capitol during session if she were to become governor, she also set herself up for charges of hypocrisy now for doing the same kinds of things she criticized Rick for... 

Frankly... missing votes in the Senate is a pretty big thing... there just aren't that many of them, so missing even just one is proof that your head really isn't in the game.

Let she who is without sin sling the first mud. Kay, when you swipe a cookie from the cookie jar, you shouldn't have crumbs on your face. When you sling mud, you had better be squeaky clean, or it will come back to bite in a big way.

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  1. K. Babyhater Hutchison goes AWOL days after making same critique against Rick Goodhair Perry. Go Kinky! Or Larry Kilgore! Keep Texas weird!!!!!!!!!

  2. Perry did not miss any votes. In fact he had a pretty good session which to many means stopping lots of bad ideas from becoming law!

  3. Governor Perry didn't miss anything during session; he did a VERY good job!!! Can't say the same for Kay...
    Not only that, Governor Perry is very capable of handling a tough session and being able to have fun with Texans all across the state whether it be his daily exercise around Austin, doing triathlons and marathons (like the Texas Independence Relay), the list goes on an on. His twitters are so much fun to read, but Kay's are boring. Our Governor has shown that he works hard for this state and is still human, still a down-to-earth guy!! Can't say the same for Kay...

    When it comes time to vote between these two (if that time even comes at all), think about this:
    Which state is doing MUCH better than any other state in this country during these tough times? Texas!
    Who in this country has dropped the ball and where has all the problems with the country come from? Washington DC!
    And after you have realized that, think about this:
    Who has been in Texas all this time? Rick Perry
    And who has been in Washington all this time? Kay B Hutchison...

  4. What part of Texas' 9 billion dollar rainy day fund surplus does KBH not like? What an idiot.

  5. Will she be there to vote on Obama's supreme court nominee? Pretty important.

    Unfortunately, she voted for the "Sense of the Senate Resolution," which clearly states that the outcome of Roe vs. Wade should be the controlling law of America...

  6. She lied and said he wasn't running to a group here. Do you want to elect that?

  7. Senator Hutchison needs to retire and go home to Texas to be with her adopted children! Her days as a politician are over! Have a nice life, Senator Hutchison!


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