Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New poll, no head to head, but close results for Rick and Kay...

The Texas Credit Union League released a poll today that unfortunately has no head to head between Rick and Kay but does show some very solid numbers for Kay and some good numbers as well for Rick (link).

Take a look at the numbers...

Strangely, Texas voters have a much more positive right track wrong track number than in recent years and a much more positive track than the rest of the nation...

I wish they would have done a true head to head, but that's okay. I looked at the date on the poll, and it was conducted April 23 and 25-26, 2009. Isn't it now June? Why did they sit on this poll for so long?

I have not heard a peep out of either side about this poll, probably because it is not super good or super bad news for either candidate. It is kind of what you might expect to see.

It does show that Rick and Kay are probably going to end up pretty close in the end. It is the third poll from around the same time showing very close numbers between the two. I think this is partly because people have not fully tuned in yet, so there are probably a lot of undecided voters trying to navigate their ways through the muck. I bet most people won't really tune in fully until after the New Year.

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