Tuesday, June 23, 2009

UH attaining first tier status in education..

Several university presidents are excited about a bill to create more first tier colleges in Texas...

One is UH president, who said (link)...

There has been talk for nearly two decades about the University of Houston attaining Tier One status. Now, thanks to the Texas Legislature, that talk has resulted in bold and decisive action.

With the recent passage of legislation that provides a pathway for the University of Houston (and six other institutions) to achieve Tier One status, we have now taken an all-important first step.

This is a major victory — not just for UH but for Houston and the state of Texas as well. It is the result of countless hours of hard work and commitment by our Harris County legislative delegation, led by the dean of the Texas Senate, John Whitmire, and our six public university partners. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst was deeply engaged every step along the way. Gov. Rick Perry and Speaker of the House Joe Straus were also very supportive.

Most would agree that shepherding such legislation through the recent session was a major, if not miraculous, accomplishment, particularly given the current economic climate.

First tier public universities seems like a big issue that Kay was going to hit Rick on, but this takes away a lot of that ammo... Rick can go into the Houston and Dallas suburbs and tell all those mom voters that their kids will have an opportunity to go to a top flight college. Will the moms buy it?

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