Monday, June 8, 2009

Republicans have most to lose with Kay's Senate resignation...

The Dallas Morning News has a story about the turmoil that will erupt if and when Kay resigns (link). Excerpt follows...
 "It's going to be an exciting and full election in which you're going to see a host of candidates," said GOP consultant Todd Smith.

Both parties will be caught up in the rush.

Republicans still control statewide politics and could cement their power with wins. But they also have the most to lose.

The movement could provide an opening for Democrats finally to recapture a statewide seat and more local races, which could mean the difference in taking the state House.

The elections especially are key to both sides because 2010 marks the start of the process to redraw political boundaries. After the next census, state lawmakers will craft new districts for Congress and for the Texas Legislature. And that could tip the balance of power from one party to the other. 
I just hope that this primary is not a needless bit of madness that harms the GOP and paves the way for Democrats to finally win a statewide seat or two.

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