Tuesday, July 6, 2010

5 observations on that forum...

Bill White and some libertarian lady named Kathie Glass "debated" at a candidate forum last night...

  1. This "debate" did not elevate Kathie Glass. I watched most of it, and she does not seem credible. Her accent seems un Texan to my 5th generation Texan ears... she was not as careful as Debra Medina in terms of staying mainstream during the debates. She kind of went off the reservation a few times.
  2. The "debate" did make Bill White look desperate and small. Why on earth would a major party candidate debate a fringe candidate one on one? That is crazy. For all the heck Democrats are raising about the Green Party, the Libertarian Party is basically the same thing. It was mostly liberal Democrats who got Libertarians on the ballot years ago... and Bill White eagerly debating a Libertarian sort of underscores that point.
  3. Almost nobody watched this thing. It was on local television in Kerrville, a couple hundred peeps were in the audience, and a tiny number watched online.
  4. Greg Abbott also didn't show up. In fact, no Republican showed up. I have also been told that Linda Chavez-Thompson... the Democrat running for Lt. Governor... canceled or declined to go... one or the other... it was not Rick skipping the debate so much as it not being a legit debate. When has there ever been a debate in early July? That is ludicrous.
  5. For all the heck about Rick being "chicken" it seems like his message is still getting out there (link). Excerpt follows....
    Perry has said he will not appear on stage with White until the former Houston mayor releases income tax returns from the years when he was deputy U.S. energy secretary and Texas Democratic Party chairman in the 1990s.

    Perry spokesman Mark Miner called White a “shameful candidate” who worked to limit military voting, “mismanaged the Houston budget and profiteered by steering business to a company he had financial ties with during Hurricane Rita while he was mayor of Houston.”

    Miner compared White to President Obama and said he did not unveil any new policy initiatives during the forum, choosing instead “to continue a campaign based on personal attacks.”

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