Thursday, July 22, 2010

Obama's fundraisers benefit Bill White... it sez so right on the invite....

The Capitol Inside explains that Obama's trip in part at least is meant to raise money for Bill White (link). Excerpt follows...
An invitation to a fundraiser that President Barack Obama has tentatively scheduled in Austin next month says that the event will benefit the Texas Democratic Party and gubernatorial nominee Bill White as well as the Democratic National Committee.

But White, who's challenging Republican Governor Rick Perry in the November general election, isn't planning to attend the Obama fundraiser in Austin or another one in Houston the same day because his own calendar is already booked.


"It is crucial that the DNC has adequate funding to withstand the withering negativity and distortions about this record," Hildreth said. "We must stand with President Obama and ensure that he has the support in Congress necessary to lead the country. And some of the proceeds will remain in Texas to help elect Democrats in Texas, including Bill White as our next governor."
Unless Bill White stops taking that outside money... remember he is getting a huge amount outside of Texas while Rick is getting almost every penny inside Texas... unless Bill White says no to money from the DNC and these other liberal groups with ties to Obama's machine... it will be really really easy for Rick's peeps to tie Bill White and Obama together. Easier than it already is I mean...

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  1. I can understand why Bill White will not attend. Based on the recent past of Obama helping others, His chances of being elected are better without Obama's support.

    If Mr. Obama really cares about Texas, maybe he could visit the border while in town to understand the issues we have that is his responsibility to fix. He has fixed everything else.....right?


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