Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The bailout continues to haunt candidates...

How can Rick tie Bill White to the bailout? The New York Times explores how toxic the bailout is (link). Excerpt follows...

Support of the bailout is a thread running through the campaigns of Republican Congressional incumbents who have lost in primaries so far this election cycle, and was also a factor in the defeats of three members of Congress in primaries for governor, including that of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas.

Across the country, House and Senate challengers are hammering incumbents in both parties who voted for the bailout, in many cases lumping it together with the $787 billion economic stimulus plan passed months later under President Obama, as well as federal aid to automakers.

In Texas, Representative Chet Edwards, a 10-term Democrat, is facing a stiff challenge by Bill Flores, the former chief executive of an oil and gas company, who has assailed Mr. Edwards for his support of the bailout and also the continuing taxpayer subsidies for the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

“Chet Edwards votes for every bailout and against ending any bailout!” Mr. Flores wrote in an e-mail message to supporters, saying Mr. Edwards’s position runs counter to his efforts to convince voters that he is a “really a fiscal conservative.”

Megan Jacobs, a spokeswoman for Mr. Edwards, dismissed the attacks. Referring to theFederal Reserve chairman, she said, “Given Ben Bernanke’s recent statement that TARP helped prevent our country from falling into a second Great Depression, if Mr. Flores wants to put sound-bite politics above the good of our country, that’s a bad choice that will not work in Texas.”

Hey Matt Mackowiak? Where is the Chet "Bailout" Edwards moniker? Seriously? Why is that not a thing yet? Do it. Stop d**king around on Baylor and Big 12 realignment talks. Get into it. Chet voted for and continues to defend the bailout. Get after him, damn you. This is the year he falls.

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  1. I wouldn't waste too much time worrying about the 17 FvE race as it relates to the bailout. It's only July. I imagine it'll be big issue this fall.


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