Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bill White messes with Texas...

The North Texas Conservative delivers (link). Excerpt follows...

Obama's EPA, Bill White Mess with Texas

President Obama's EPA has decided to mess with Texas, and they may be doing it on Bill White's behalf. News broke on Wednesday that the EPA is rejecting Texas' flexible permit system, a system that been in place for 16 years, has enjoyed bipartisan support, and has actually worked to reduce NOX emissions in Texas better than the EPA's own programs work in other states. Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Attorney General Abbott, and indeed all of the Republican leadership in Texas are outraged by the EPA's actions.
As usual, there's more to the story. The Democrats' nominee for governor, Bill White, is
right in the middle of the EPA's extreme and unnecessary move. According to an editorial by the Houston Chronicle, White met with EPA regional director Al Armendariz last fall, and that meeting apparently spurred the EPA's drive to attack Texas.
Mayor White has also been critical of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as being too lax in enforcing state laws against polluters.....
After meeting with White, EPA officials announced that many of the TCEQ rules are in violation of the federal Clean Air Act.

Did the Democrat who wants to be Texas' governor collude with the Obama EPA to hit Texas hard, putting Texas families and businesses at risk in the process, so he can play politics and blame it all on Gov. Rick Perry? Whatever one wants to call that, it certainly isn't putting Texans first. Bill White needs to answer for this assault on our state.
As this move builds on the EPA's decision to regulate CO2 without Congressional input, we seem to be looking at an agency that the Obama administration is using to command and control the US economy to further its far left statist agenda. The Obama administration wants to control everything - private industry, health care, everything - as part of President Obama's campaign promise to "fundamentally transform America." Even more appalling, these power grabs come at us while the Democrats in the White House and Congress show rank incompetence in their existing duties of
securing the border and dealing with the oil spill that occurred in federal waters. And despite his recent rhetorical attempts to distance himself from his masters in the Democratic Party, Bill White is obviously arm in arm with them the whole way.

Bill White sides with the EPA in its unprecedented power grab in Texas... pretty big deal no?

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