Friday, July 9, 2010

Earliest Texas debate in modern era was September 24...

Bill White is acting like there ought to be debates in early July? That is really desperate. Really desperate.

Since 1982, there has never been a gubernatorial debate earlier than September 24 (link).

Here are some stats about Texas debates since 1982... with the year in parentheses...

Friday, Sept. 24 (1982)
Monday, Oct. 6 (1986)
Friday, Oct. 6 (2006)
Wednesday, Oct. 9 (2002)
Monday, Oct. 11 (1982)
Friday, Oct. 16 (1998)
Saturday, Oct. 16 (1982)
Friday, Oct. 21 (1994)
Tuesday, Oct. 23 (1990)
Thursday, Oct. 24 (2002)
Wednesday, Oct. 31 (1990)
Median date October 16

1982- 3
1986- 1
1990- 2
1994- 1
1998- 1
2002- 2
2006- 1
Mean 1.57, Median 1, Mode 1

The median date is mid October... both the mode and median number of debates is 1.

Why suddenly is it necessary to have several debates starting in July? There is absolutely no precedent for that in Texas or anywhere else. People debate in October because that is when people pay attention... otherwise it is a waste of time... everyone's time...

You know what there is a precedent for though? Candidates for governor in Texas releasing their taxes for their time in public service... the Texas press corps should do their jobs and demand that Bill White release his taxes back to his time in the Clinton administration... then we can see a debate or two in October... and see the contrast between the two candidates both in style and substance...

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  1. I got Perry winning reelection with 55 percent, White getting 42 percent and Glass the Libertarian candidate with 1 percent.

    13 point victory for Perry.


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