Monday, July 12, 2010

Immigration and the Rick vs. Bill White race...

Rick blames a porous border and the lack of immigration enforcement for the Arizona law (link). Excerpt follows...
In a closely watched speech to the nation's largest Hispanic civil rights group, Gov. Rick Perry told members of the National Council of La Raza that the federal government's failure to secure the U.S-Mexico border is to blame for immigration measures like the controversial new Arizona law.

“Until America secures the border, a rational debate on immigration policy is not going to happen,” Perry said Saturday at the council's annual convention in San Antonio.


In the absence of federal action, Perry said, “Texas has stepped up,” funding more than $100 million in border enforcement every two years.

“The fact of the matter is we're making a difference in the state of Texas. As we improve border security and as we sustain legitimate commerce, we ensure that no one demonizes people because of the color of their skin or the sound of their last name.”

Perry also emphasized the shared traditional values of all Texans “no matter where your grandparents were born.”

“Texans are committed to cultivating that respect for the character and culture and appreciation for traditional values of family and faith and hard work,” he said. “These are Texas values.”


Janet MurguĂ­a, president of the Washington-based council, said it was good to hear Perry repeat his condemnation of the Arizona law, and she liked his emphasis on not demonizing immigrants or Hispanics.
Rick is against the Arizona law for Texas. Probably a valid position to have... but what about Debbie Riddle's bill next year? Where is the robust full court press defense of Rick's border control record from Rick's camp, and an explanation about how Texas has its own plans that are better than Arizona's? It seems like this is the kind of issue that could hurt Rick on both sides if he is not careful if he lets others define the issue for him.

Bill White is for sanctuary cities on the other hand... he is definitely unacceptable to vast majorities of Republicans and Independents in Texas on immigration.

Here is my take on this... this was a huge weekend for Rick on the Hispanic front... so why no updates on his Spanish website (link)? Why no tweets on his Spanish twitter all weekend (link)? Where is the beef? For all the talk at the RPT state convention about winning 50% of Hispanics and doing all this groundbreaking outreach, it seems like Rick's peeps missed an opportunity this weekend to get some brownie points in the Hispanic community. For that matter, where are the simple messages of support and information regarding all the flooding in the valley?

Was there a special Hispanic outreach effort that is hidden from the general public? What am I missing here?

If you are going to take all this heat from conservatives who want Texas to "do Arizona" here, why not at least cash in on some kudos in the Hispanic community...?


  1. Why is Rick even pandering to an open-borders group like LaRaza? Does he really think that Tejanos are of the same mind? Maybe he better check the police files and see who suffers the most adverse effects of ILlegal immigration.

    If Rick tries to straddle the fence on this one, thinking that Texans of Hispanic heritage are going to jump the Democratic Party ship if he does, he is going to lose.

    He can say that at this point, the actions taken by Arizona, are not suitable for Texas. That's cool. He can also say that he understands why Arizona did what it did, basically sending up the distress flares, but we are not there yet. And that would be acceptable.

    But if Rick thinks he can pander to the open borders crowd and it will change their mind about voting "R" instead of "D", he is being poorly advised. And disgusted Republicans will do what they did Nov. '08, they will just leave that box unchecked on election day.

    Rick was getting lots of "loving feelings" from all across the nation when he stuck to the issues like "Texas is leading the nation in......." and slamming D.C. He is going to lose that as all those "loving feelings" now go to Jan Brewer who has the cajones to stand up to the Chicago trained Washington mafia.

    It makes you wonder, did Rick hire Carol Keeton Rylander as his Hispanic outreach council?

  2. The Governor is 100% right on this issue. Arizona does jack squat to secure the border. Texas does everything Arizona does, but we actually devote our own resources to border security as well.


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