Monday, July 19, 2010

Bill White tells Lubbock he is against tougher immigration policies...

Lubbock is a lost cause for Bill White, yet he is there anyway trying to defend his sanctuary city policies (link). Excerpt follows...

As indicated by their questions, several people viewed immigration reform — especially Arizona’s controversial illegal immigrant ID law — as a top priority.

White, who opposes Arizona’s law and similar proposals for Texas, called for “more boots on the ground” on the Texas-Mexico border. But, he said, immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility.

“The federal government has dropped the ball for a long time on immigration,” he said. “Rick Perry has been ineffective with the federal government at getting the resources that we need to protect the border.”

Lubbock resident Jon Bruegel was looking for a more specific answer from White.

“Are you willing to crack down on businesses that hire illegal aliens?” he asked.

White again explained he believes immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility, with such decisions being made by the state’s U.S. congressmen and senators. As an example, White said he wouldn’t ask local law enforcement officers in Lubbock to protect the border.

“And if you told me we need to have more state people respond to 911 calls, I would say ‘call your mayor,’ ” he said.

Bruegel questioned White about what the state’s responsibility and limitations are in prosecuting illegal immigrants and their employers.

White stressed a need for the federal government to continue what he described as its traditional role of protecting the border and enforcing immigration laws, but admitted a lawyer with expertise in constitutional law would be better able to provide a more clear answer about state versus federal responsibility.

It sounds like there was a slight scuffle between some Bill White supporters and the man asking White the pointed questions...

After about five more minutes of discussion with the audience, White left the room. One White supporter wasn’t satisfied with the nature of Bruegel’s questions.

“You’re a plant,” she told Bruegel in a face-to-face confrontation.

Carrie Taylor, a self-described lifelong Democrat, said she recognized Bruegel as being a Lubbock-area Republican Party activist.

“Just don’t try to act like you’re a member of the Democratic Party,” she said. “You don’t even intend to vote for him.”

Bruegel, admitting his involvement with the Republican Party, said it was his right to attend the rally.

“He could potentially be my governor and you don’t want me to ask him a question?” he asked her.

Here's to you Jon Bruegel... the new Joe the Plumber of Texas...

A good comment sums it up well...


Not sure who to vote for, but now a little concerned about White. Seems like from this article, that in the mind of Mr. White and his staff, that if you are not a democrat that you are worthless, not worth the time or effort and have no voice or right to ask questions. The gentleman (Bruegel) was not singled out for asking unnecessary questions, for being rude, or disrespectful, only for being a Republican. WOW in the Gov.White Texas if you are not a democrat you will have no right to ask questions is that really what we want in a leader for our state??

I really don't get what Bill White thinks he is accomplishing my going to places like Lubbock (link). Excerpt follows...
Gov. Rick Perry absolutely demolished Democratic challenger Bill White in campaign funds raised from donors identifying as coming from Lubbock. Perry posted $81,459 raised since February to White's $2,027.
Rick will absolutely demolish Bill White in Lubbock at the polls in November too...

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