Monday, July 26, 2010

Voter ID... Bill White opposes requiring identification to vote...

Bill White is such a tool.

A tool of the liberal establishment... he is no "different" kind of Democrat... he is far far far from "conservative."

He opposes voter ID requirements (link). Excerpt follows...

Voter identification

The discussion over voter identification is one in which Democrats and Republicans in Texas rarely agree. Republicans say it will help prevent voter fraud. Democrats believe it is a way to dissuade minorities, seniors and low-income voters from casting ballots. On whether to support voter-identification legislation:
Gov. Rick Perry: Has supported bills that would require voters to show identification at election sites. He has said he will push for voter-identification legislation to pass next session. Argues that Texans already need a valid identification to drive and get on a plane, so they should also need one to vote.
Democrat Bill White: Believes there is not enough evidence to support claims that voter fraud is caused by a lack of identification at the polls. He does not support a voter law that would infringe on the rights of citizens without identification to vote.
Sure he was eager to prevent active duty military from voting in Texas elections while they were deployed (link)... but people voting fraudulently without identification... go for it!

It is not overblown to call Bill White's anti military stance evil... amoral maybe is a more appropriate word even... these people are fighting and dying for our freedom and Bill White is more concerned about partisan advantage... it really makes my blood boil every time I think about Bill White's anti military lawsuit when he was chairman of the Democratic party in Texas... if Rick's peeps don't run a television ad about that I will be very very disappointed. Maybe it is just because I was raised in a military community... but I don't know who could vote for Bill White after knowing about his belief... present tense... that our heroes serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are second class citizens unworthy of absentee voting in our elections...

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