Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bill White risking losing his base?

Eileen Smith of Texas Monthly is not happy with Bill White's mushy trying to have it both ways campaign (link). Excerpt follows...

Just last year, White bought a newspaper ad picturing him and Obama under the headline, “The Dream. The Hope. The Change.” This year, he’s expected to buy a newspaper ad picturing him and Ronald Reagan under the headline, “Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.” OK, fine. So White’s running in a red state where the president isn’t exactly popular. But isn’t this going just a bit too far?

“There are some people, including me, who believe that the president is spending a lot more money than we’re taking in, is spending too much money in Washington,” White said. “I don’t believe in borrowing so much money. When I served as the chief operating officer of a federal department, I cut the budget. And now you see the budgets of other Cabinet departments go up.” I don’t get it. Does he think he’s going to gain Republican votes by spewing this kind of rhetoric? Isn’t he instead alienating the Democrats supporting him who overwhelmingly voted for that silly “community organizer”?

However, it’s important to note that White does have a scheduling conflict. When Obama’s raising money for him, White will be at the Johnson County Fair.

OH MY GOD. Dude. He’s the leader of your party, not to mention your commander-in-chief. Show some respect.

What does Bill White gain by bashing Obama? Not being chased out of East Texas at the end of a pitch fork?

I don't know... elections are about enthusiasm and turn out... and liberals are already pretty demoralized this year... although Bill White is a devoted liberal with liberal ideas and a record of liberal policies he obviously has to tack as much to the center as he can for the election...

Will liberals be excited? Obviously not. Conservatives will be excited... but they won't be fooled by Bill White's phony campaign.

The independent moderates... who in Texas are really just Republicans... won't be fooled either... especially after they see the ads exposing Bill White's Obamalike record... or maybe Rod Blagojevichlike record in other ways... either way Bill White is of the Chicago school of politics... liberal... shady...

Bill White has David Axelrod's good looks... none of the charisma of Obama... but he shares the same liberal DNA....

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  1. RickvsKay, Bill White just committed political suicide in not only bashing Obama personally (according to a Dallas radio station, White said he won't vote for Obama in 2012), but alienating African Americans and maybe Latinos (Obama's Dem base).

    Perry by 13 points with 56 percent.


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