Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HUGE... Bill White lied about having sheriff endorsements... they really endorsed Rick's campaign...

This is almost unbelievable....

The border sheriffs in Texas are almost unanimously Democrats... it is just the way the counties along the border go... yet quite a few of them endorsed Rick yesterday.

The crazy thing is that this upset Bill White so much he lied and claimed two endorsements from sheriffs who were actually endorsing Rick (link). Excerpt follows...

In an attempt to one-up Perry, White claimed endorsements from "10 of the 15 sheriffs whose county lines touch the border" with Mexico.

The problem was, two of the sheriffs White said are backing him signed statements of support for the Republican incumbent: Zavala County Sheriff Eusebio Salinas and Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez Jr.

"I'd like to know who put me on that Bill White list. It isn't right," Salinas said. "I'm only on Rick Perry's."

Significant departure

White spokeswoman Katy Bacon insisted Gonzalez was a White supporter, but Perry's campaign provided a signed statement of support from Gonzalez.

The campaign's news release also included a quote from Gonzalez: "Texas could have no better person at the helm of its government than Governor Perry."

Gonzalez was at the Texas Sheriff's Association convention in Fort Worth and could not be reached for comment Monday.

"I'd like to know... who put me on that Bill White list..."

A rinky dink operation I guess...

What a fraud... yet the headline is confusing as all get out...

White edges Perry in support from border sheriffs

Democrat picks up backing from at least 8 sheriffs; incumbent says 10 on his team

Wait, so... Bill White has 8, and lied about 2 of them, and Rick has 10? And they are basically all Democrats anyway? Yet Rick's web site only says that he has 8 endorsements not 10 as the paper sub headline says...

So who edged whom? I am really confused by this reporting...

Credibility.... Bill White has none... and the Houston Chronicle doesn't either...


  1. Our freaking "media" in Texas is so off the deep end, and I'm NOT happy with any of them! They suck!!

    I think everyone who cares about having fair, credible, unbiased, REAL media coverage of the news, no matter what the subject, should just cancel their subscriptions and tell them if they don't get their act together, then they will not be having a job!
    If they were fair and actually reported facts, Rick Perry would win well over 90% of the votes. He is the better candidate, he already has the better (and the best in the whole country) record, it's proven, and it's TRUE!
    The ONLY choice is Rick Perry for Governor! If you love Texas, and care deeply for this state, you WILL vote for Rick. To vote for anyone else is nothing short of a stab in the back to the Lone Star State!

  2. White's campaign released something today that now says 8-15. Why won't he come out and say he didn't have the endorsements? Oh yeah because is a pathological liar. Where are philip martin and the rest of the dweebs from burnt orange to defend this?



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