Thursday, July 15, 2010

National Democrats hating Rick... doing Bill White's bidding?

Rick has become a lightning rod for Washington Democrats (link). Excerpt follows...

"I'm worried, I'm concerned, any time someone is more interested in partisan politics than they are in what's in the best interest of our state," he told The Associated Press.

Texas' longest-serving governor has slapped at Washington over federal spending, border security, health care, national school standards and other issues. Over the past year, with the rise of the tea party movement and his bid for a third full term under way, Perry positioned himself as a champion of states' rights.

Democrats seem to be paying more attention to his anti-Washington rhetoric now that he has a legitimate Democratic opponent. They deride him for flirting with the notion of secession and for trying to use his differences with federal officials to score points in his race against Democrat Bill White — all while delighting in his newfound national attention.


Those close to Perry say he's held his anti-Washington views for years, even when he was a Democrat and once took part in a farmers' union protest in the nation's capital. But his feud with the feds is accelerating.

"This fight has raised his profile," said Eric Bearse, a former Perry aide and GOP consultant.

Perry easily defeated U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Republican primary, largely by linking her to big spenders in Washington. So as the November election nears, his attacks on Washington will likely focus even more on White, a deputy energy secretary under former President Bill Clinton.

"I think it's all calibrated" by Perry's political team, said consultant and lobbyist Bill Miller, whose firm donates campaign money to Perry through its political committee. "They've clearly identified something that works for him."

Bill White's campaign seems to think that splicing a video showing Rick bashing Washington and the national debt will work to their benefit. Those are some of Rick's strongest points...

Idiots. Not only is this video awful and poorly produced... especially contrasted with the great Seinfeld video from Rick (link), its message plays right into Rick's hands... Washington is bad...

Same with that stupid Back to Basics ad which basically sez Rick lives in a governor's mansion... he is cutting spending...

Governors usually live in governor's mansions, last time I checked... and cutting spending is highly popular this year...

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