Monday, July 26, 2010

Bill White needs moderate women... so why is he attacking Rick on anti cancer vaccines?

Bill White's Back to Basics PAC is hammering Rick for promoting a vaccine that cures... cancer...

It was also an issue in the Rick vs. Kay race... and I believe I spotted evidence of it backfiring on Kay. Now Bill White runs the exact same attack just maybe with more money behind it...

But wait... isn't Bill White in need of moderate women? That is what the liberal Texas Tribune sez (link) Excerpt follows...

Jeff Hewitt, a Democratic consultant, says White would have to take advantage of those feelings, focus attention on the suburbs outside of Dallas and Houston and try to appeal to moderate Republican women in East Texas.

Democrats are hoping to attract Republicans who did not vote for Perry in past elections. They will try to target voters who preferred independent candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn in 2006 or U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison this year during the Republican primary.

Hewitt says moderate Republican women are important because they are more willing to switch parties than men if they are not satisfied.

“He has to flip some moderate Republican women to win. End of story,” he says. “If he just gets the typical Democrat vote and they get the typical Republican vote, he loses, no doubt about it.”

Hewitt says the strategy to oust Perry is not far-fetched after drops in housing values, increases in unemployment, a projected budget shortfall and a rise in college tuition costs.

“Moderate Republicans are going to say 'why not? Could it get any worse? Why not give him a shot?” Hewitt says.

Okay first off Hewitt is an idiot... Texas is the envy of America economically and Texans know it... Texans are proud as hell about that...

Second off... moderate women like anti cancer vaccines.

Third off... Rick is either even or ahead among women... and way up among men... in almost every poll. Bill White has more of a gender gap than Rick... Bill White's deficit among men is severely high...


  1. Stop believing polls.

  2. doesn't cure cancer. nothing cures cancer. basic biology classes teach you that much. as a cancer survivor and parent of two daughters, Rick Perry shouldn't be telling me how to raise my kids. this drug was untested and the only reason he pushed for it was because he was helping his pals at Merck.

    i am terrified my daughters will get cancer but I am even more terrified what this drug would have done if Perry wasn't overruled by the legislature.

    Since you want to write about the ad with out linking it or embedding it, here is the ad so people can judge for themselves.

    It would be nice to know if your perspective is based in anything besides partisanship. as a republican, father, and former KBH supporter, this is a terrifying mandate to me. What shapes your perspective?

    interested to read more of your site. found it doing some research on the race.


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