Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hold the phone... Bill White doesn't have a hunting license?

Wayne Slater sez that Bill White doesn't have a hunting license (link). Excerpt follows...

AUSTIN – Few rituals are more ingrained in Texas politics than the celebration of guns and ammo.

Ann Richards posed in full hunting regalia – boots, goose-down vest, 12-gauge shotgun in hand – when she ran for governor.

George W. Bush traveled with reporters in tow to hunt doves in Southeast Texas – a trip that went awry when he shot an endangered species by mistake.

Rocker Ted Nugent, a gun enthusiast with a fondness for semi-automatics, was the warm-up act in February when Sarah Palin endorsed Rick Perry's reelection – and praised moose hunting.

Wayne Slater

"There are a couple of boxes you have to check to even exist in Texas politics. You've got to believe in God and you've got to respect guns," said Democratic political strategist Jason Stanford.

So far, the nominees for governor have sniped at each other on myriad issues, but there've been no dueling photo-ops in hunting gear.

For one thing, Democrat Bill White would have to get a hunting license.

According to state records, the only time White's had a hunting license in the last eight years was in 2009. It has since expired.

Very interesting. Bill White got a hunting license around the same time he dropped out of that anti gun group of mayors... when he filed for state wide elected office and people told him his anti gun views were crazy and would make him unelectable... then he let his license expire. Did he even go hunting during that brief time?

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  1. Bill White is what my son would call a "poser."


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