Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Frum Forum agrees that the economy will make Bill White's chances pretty slim...

The Frum Forum has a blog that echoes some of the things I have been saying regarding Texas accolades making it difficult for Bill White to make a convincing case that change is needed in Texas (link). Excerpt follows...

Gov. Rick Perry has said more than a few crazy things over the past couple of years, but there is one issue that Bill White is going to have a difficult time painting negatively: Texas has the hottest economy in the nation. CNBC slots Texas as the top state for business in all of America in its new 2010 rankings.

And of course, Texas is also the place to go if you want to get a job. In Forbes’ latest best cities for jobs rankings, four of the top five “best big cities for jobs” are in Texas (1.Austin, 2.San Antonio, 3. Houston, 5. Dallas.)

Speaking on CNBC, Gov. Perry explained his state’s success:

It’s the compilation of four really simple principles: Don’t spend all the money. Have a Legislature that understands that the private sector is where the jobs are created. Government doesn’t create any jobs. We create an environment where private sector types can. Have a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable. A legal system that does not allow for over-suing. And have an accountable public school system that says to those that want to expand or come to your state that there’s a skilled work force here.

As bad as the economy is nationwide, Texas continues to thrive. It’s difficult to imagine that Texans would throw out a governor who watched over the state’s booming economy for the past decade. The old addage that people vote with their wallets is true. So long as his state’s economy holds up, Rick Perry will be tough to beat.

It is difficult to imagine voters going to the polls and saying "gee willikers, our state is the best in America as ranked by every magazine, every network... peeps are moving here from all of those other states... the economy is not perfect but I have a job and it is definitely better here than it was when I visited my sister out in Oregon... but you know what... even though I am a Republican or a Republican leaning independent who is more fired up to vote Republican than I have ever been, I am going to ignore all of that and vote for corrupt, liberal Bill White, the guy aligned with Obama and the Democrats."

Not going to happen, peeps.

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