Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bill White got a fourth of his money from DC...

Bill White has a problem... his supporters are DC based and out of touch with Texas (link). Excerpt follows...
25 percent of the donations since Feb. 20 — about $1.8 million — came from contributors in Washington, D.C.

Perry, by contrast, got about 97 percent of his contributions from people and groups who listed Texas addresses. In a political cycle defined by anti-Washington sentiment, the Perry campaign has characterized White as a 'D.C.-insider,' taking any opportunity to associate him with President Barack Obama, whose popularity has declined in recent months.


To be fair to White's campaign, $1 million came from the D.C.-based Democratic Governor's Association. Perry is expected to receive a similar contribution from the Republican Governor’s Association in August, if past precedent holds. Another $300,000 in White's report came from the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, one of the largest unions in the country. The Service Workers International Union also donated $125,000 to White. Both are D.C. based.
Bill White is also taking cash from Obama's fundraisers in Austin and Houston according to the invitations...

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