Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Texas Republicans greeting Obama "warmly"...

Rick is happier than Bill White that Obama is coming (link). Excerpt follows...

Plans still were being firmed up, but one fund-raiser is to benefit the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Its location has been a moving target. An event to raise money for the Democratic National Committee has been penciled in for Austin, with entry ranging from $5,000 for an individual ticket to $30,400 per couple for VIP seating and a photo with Obama, according to an e-mail from a public affairs consultant. The DNC could share part of its take with the state party.

The consultant's e-mail said, "We must stand with President Obama and ensure that he has the support in Congress necessary to lead the county. And some of the proceeds will remain in Texas to help elect Democrats in Texas, including Bill White as our next governor."

The idea that the Democratic fund-raiser might help the Democrat running for Texas governor was fresh meat for Perry's camp, which went into press-release overdrive at first mention of Obama's visit.

Perry's camp called White and Obama "joined at the hip"; scoffed at White's dismissal of celebrity endorsements by noting that he got former President Clinton's support; and dredged up a 2009 ad in which White's picture appeared with those of Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. under the words The Dream (King), The Change (Obama) and The Hope (White). White, then Houston mayor, said at the time that he hadn't seen the ad.

Democrats said what's important are issues like education and insurance rates.

"This race is about Rick Perry's record ... not about whether or not Bill White goes to a fund-raiser," said Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston.

If the race is exclusively about Rick's record, why is anyone even running against him? Texas is currently the most successful state in the nation... with more jobs, more people moving to Texas from failed economies elsewhere... and all of that...

Races are never pure referenda on incumbents. Elections are choices. Rick has a record, and it is very strong. Bill White has a record and views that are both out of touch with mainstream Texas... It is a choice. Even as people go to vote for Rick, they will be voting both for Rick and against Obama and Bill White...

Texas Republicans have something planned for Obama apparently (link). Excerpt follows...

Texas Republicans are planning a special "welcome" when President Barack Obama comes to the Lone Star State on Aug. 9 to raise money for Democratic candidates. But don't look for red carpets and rousing fanfare.

Details are still being worked on, but Texas Republican Party spokesman Bryan Preston said the "welcome" will likely be a rally designed "to send him a message once again -- since he hasn't gotten it yet -- to keep his hands off our state."

Republicans, led by Gov. Rick Perry, have pilloried Obama's administration on a litany of issues, from healthcare to environmental policy. Obama failed to carry Texas in his 2008 race against Republican John McCain and fares poorly in Texas public opinion surveys.

A Rasmussen Reports poll in mid-July showed that 37 percent of Texas voters approve of how Obama is doing his job, compared with 63 percent who disapprove. That's below his national approval ratings.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White has no plans to join Obama during his brief fundraising mission and will concentrate on his efforts to unseat Perry, White spokeswoman Katy Bacon says. "Bill's focus in August is meeting Texas voters and raising money for the governor's race," Bacon said.

Details about Obama's Texas trip -- his third as president -- are still sketchy, but plans include an Austin fundraiser sponsored by the Democratic National Committee.

I wonder if they are crowd building for something, or if there will be something fun and gimmicky to get news?

Could be a good opportunity to raise some money for the party which is in some debt still...

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