Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big swing and a whiff by Jason Embry...

Embry's First Reading this morning mocks Rick for using the word "confused" a lot... for example, saying "I don't get confused about Obama. He’s popular, but his policies are not popular" or "One thing people don’t get confused about is the fact that Texas is a strong-on-crime state.”

Funny stuff... good natured and all of that... it is true that Rick uses that phrase a lot and Embry hits the mark in pointing it out... Rick probably uses it because it works... even if he uses it way too much...

That part was great and enjoyable... it is nice to laugh at the expense of our elected officials...

Embry then totally strikes out when he tries to equate Kay missing two votes this week with Rick traveling around Texas with Rudolph Giuliani aka Rudy.

Embry... I think you are one of the hardest working peeps in the biz... but do you really not see the glaring difference there? To casually equate Kay's missed votes with Rick's border gang announcements... no matter how much they are probably just photo ops... borders on bizarre...

Kay has one of the highest rates of missing votes in the entire Senate. She missed two votes in two days this week alone, one on ACORN and one on gutting pork projects. You can't miss votes when you are governor. Every single thing you either have to veto, sign, or let become law without signature... you don't get to abstain from controversy... Kay takes the day off when there is controversy, Rick does not have that luxury...

Jason, Kay is missing votes left and right... she is undeniably failing at her job. This is a huge pet peeve of mine...

Talk about a swing and a miss.

You can do better Jason.


  1. Agreed. His recent blog posts sort of bring into question his objectivity.

  2. Reporters are interested in having a close race. Posts from Embry will be anti-Rick unless Kay should do the impossible & overtake Perry in the polls.

    The funny part is that Embry, in creating the "whiff" reiterated Perry's talking points. That doesn't help Kay. Embry can't even carry Kay's water without spilling it all. Shameful.

  3. Even Ron Paul carried out a Presidental campaign and managed to vote every single time there was one. Kay's priorities have been out of place for years. Not that Rick's are any better. Every single move for the past 9 months has been strictly for political gain. So I will be the odd lady out and vote neither. My vote goes to Debra Medina. Even the Dallas News said she was the most conservative candidate running. That's saying something when a media outlet says such a bold statement.

  4. Yeah, Medina is a non-factor. If RP is up by 30 on KBH, I might consider her just as a throwaway vote to protest all politicians, but if it's a close race, I will be casting my vote for Perry to keep that RINO KBH away from Austin.


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