Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kay's vote for Hilda Solis coming back to haunt her...

Earlier this year Kay voted in favor of confirming her dear friend socialist Labor Secretary Hilda Solis (link).

Hutchison (R-TX), Yea

Now Hilda Solis... someone with tax problems who still got confirmed because of people like Kay voting for her... is meddling in Texas, putting a whole lot of new regulation schemes on us (link). Excerpt follows...

The U.S. Department of Labor has also beefed up enforcement in Texas. After Labor Secretary Hilda Solis questioned the state's worker safety record during a speech in San Antonio in June, the Labor Department dispatched extra inspectors to Texas from other states. The special initiative yielded a 60 percent increase in construction site inspections and an 85 percent increase in citations, according to Labor Department figures.


Gov. Rick Perry, a frequent critic of Washington priorities, says the added federal enforcement is an "overreach" that isn't justified by Texas' improving air quality and enviable record of job creation. "It is alarming that Washington and this administration continue to overreach, increasingly dictating how states should run their business," Perry spokeswoman Allison Castle said. "Governor Perry believes Texas is the blueprint for success, and Washington should be following our lead instead."

If Rick's peeps were smart, they would capitalize on Kay's support for the controversial Hilda Solis and tie Kay to increased federal meddling into Texas. Kay voted for the woman who is now responsible for all of these new federal inspections in our state.

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  1. Perry needs to be more aggressive exploiting her bad votes. Sure, he is up by a lot in the polls, but he seems to be content sticking with not really bringing up some of these votes.


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