Monday, September 14, 2009

A vote for Medina is a vote for Kay?

Columnist Enrique Rangel sez (link). Excerpt follows...

But despite her yes-we-can-win spirit no one outside her campaign thinks Medina can beat Perry and Hutchison. Yet, she is expected to be a major factor in the bloody fight for the GOP nomination because she could hurt Perry more than Hutchison. After all, Medina appeals to the most conservative wing of the Republican Party, the party's base and the kind of voters who always vote in larger numbers in primary elections.

Medina is not viable. She is probably a nice enough lady, but in my estimation a vote for Medina is a vote for Kay.

On the other hand I do know some people who believe that Medina will actually draw votes away from Kay... Kay should be getting that ABP Anyone But Perry vote, but a lot of people will instead throw away their vote on Medina.

I am not sure it makes a huge difference, because Medina will end up with only a few percentage points of the vote, and Hank Gilbert may even draw a lot of the ABP anti Trans Texas Corridor activists into the Dem primary...

I think Ron Paul himself might be able to draw more than a few percent of the vote but Medina has no record to stand on and prove she is who she says she is...


  1. I don't trust Medina any more than any politician. To paraphrase Rumsfeld, you have known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. Medina is an unknown unknown, whereas Perry is a known known. I don't even know what Hutchison is. Maybe a known unknown.

    With Perry, sure there are some things to not like, but at least he is a known commodity. He has proven himself. Medina can talk, but what can she point to to prove what she is saying? She might be more of a RINO than KBH once in office, who knows.

  2. Nice? Yes. Does she know the issues? No...not at all. I've carefully looked at Medina, but I'm sticking with Perry. My conclusions are that 1: she doesn't know state issues at all-wouldn't know where to begin. 2: Not only that, she's not as 'conservative' as some people think.

    Keep in mind where her support is coming from: the Ron Paul crowd. She's anti-free trade. Her politics would result in thousands of Texas jobs going overseas and a tremendous drop in Texas commerce...our state economy would go from #1 to mediocre. The Texas free-market principles would deteriorate.

    Is she better than Kay Bailout? Yes. Better than Goodhair? No.

  3. If she doesn't know state issues, how is she able to call Perry out on issues like our debt, on CPS, on transportation, on education, and on health care exactly where he should be called out?

    How is she anti-free trade? If you're painting her with Ron Paul's brush, he's anti NAFTA because it's not free trade, it's managed trade. It's half of the reason why we have an illegal immigration problem in TX. The other half of that problem is the handouts we have in education and health care that Perry has done nothing about.

  4. Saying Medina doesn't know state issues is just stupid. You apparently haven't visited her youtube channel: She talks about the issues in depth and more honestly than both Rick or Kay. Furthermore, saying she's not conservative as we might think is yet another example of your ignorance. Perhaps you could list one thing she's not conservative on, then you'd have a leg to stand on. Perry has a record of big government, cronyism, and lies.

  5. And this is for the author of the blog post: A vote for Medina is a vote for Medina. A vote for Kay is a vote for Kay. A vote for Rick is a vote for Rick. You apparently abandon common sense when a third person enters a political race and say that a vote for X is a vote for Y or Z. A vote is thrown away when it is cast for someone you don't really agree with politically, but yet you vote for them because you're told your vote for the person you DO agree with is a vote for the candidate you hate the most.

  6. Count me on ABP board. I find it disgusting how Perry is trying to paint two women as unworthy, he is not worth the mud on my boots! His record is not conservative, not by my calculations.


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