Sunday, September 20, 2009

The perils of being a potential presidential hopeful...

Rick took his name off the Values Voters straw poll this weekend (link). Excerpt follows...
Perry's name initially appeared on a list of 10 straw poll contenders but the Family Research Council - one of the organizers, along with American Values, Focus on the Family and a handful of others - says he asked to have his name removed.
Huckabee ended up winning, with Romney coming in a distant second place, then Palin and a bunch of others way down the list.

On the one hand it helps to have a high national profile for raising money and getting support, on the other hand having a high national profile makes you more of a target for negativity thrown your way.

I think Rick genuinely does not want to be president or even try to run for president, but if he had come in 3rd or 4th place in this straw poll he might have been able to leverage some of that attention toward campaign dollars and free media... on the other hand if he had come in 9th or 10th place it might have been an embarrassment... and if he had somehow won the entire poll it would have become a huge distraction and probably created a rivalry between him and some of the other candidates like Palin... but let's be honest, it's not very likely that Rick would have won the whole thing. More likely he would have been somewhere in the middle splitting votes with Pawlenty and Mike Pence and all of those guys.

I do think this should tell people that Rick is serious about running for governor and not president... did anyone watch his speech? I saw some twitter traffic from liberals mostly watching online and snickering at all the conservatives...

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