Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Pelosi Kay connection...

A little birdie informed me that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in Austin this weekend to raise money. Who is her patron and sponsor?

Ben Barnes (link). Kay put out a press release and criticized Pelosi...
The state’s senior senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, issued a statement through her gubernatorial campaign today about Pelosi’s Austin stop:
Nancy Pelosi is coming to the wrong place if she’s trying to drum up support for Obama’s government takeover of health care. The Texas grassroots movement in opposition to government run health care is unlike anything I’ve seen. The message is clear ‘don’t mess with Texans’ health care’. I urge Speaker Pelosi to listen to the people and stop pushing legislation through Congress that would have a disastrous effect on the quality of our health care and on the economy.
Such audacity. Stealing Rick's lines about not messing with Texas on health care... and I wonder how Kay's good friend Ben Barnes will feel about this?

Yes Ben Barnes...

The same Ben Barnes that is so close to Kay (link). Excerpt follows...
Barnes has been a big backer of Kay Bailey throughout her career. Even going so far as to clear the field of credible Democrats for Governor in 2010 so all she has to do is win the primary against sitting Governor Rick Perry.
This also dredges back up those memories of Kay tipping Democrat Bill White off about her resignation plans earlier this year. No wonder conservatives don't trust her.

The Ben Barnes Kay connection is one that should not be overlooked by reporters who care at all about exposing hypocrisy and doublespeak.

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