Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rick's endorsements... burying the hatchet...

Rick has grabbed some unlikely endorsements from some serious critics of his in the past... namely ultra conservative activists Cathie Adams of the Eagle Forum of Texas and Dr. Hotze of the Conservative Republicans of Texas.

Both have had outspoken criticisms of Rick in the past. Very outspoken. Both have endorsed Rick... early... showing just what an up hill climb Kay truly has if she can't even get these peeps on her side.

Here is what I am thinking. Rick has always been conservative, but when the entire state seems conservative without end, it enables conservatives to criticize our own guys for being less than pure on a few things. I do it all the time.

In 2010, we have to face up to the facts that we have redistricting coming up, so we need a strong personality with a proven track record of bucking the Democrats and doing the right thing for our party. We also have to look at our opportunities and our realities in front of us today... Rick is simply a proven conservative at the state level. Have I agreed with him 100% of the time? No. Have I agreed with him on 95% of things, and all of the big things? Yes.

As for Kay, I have disagreed with her a lot more, and she is just one of 100. If she becomes the chief executive officer of Texas I don't think we can trust her to really get in the dirt and fight when necessary. Her personality demands that she "work with the other side to find common ground" which is why she has been in favor of Democrat bills so much.

I think critics of Rick are seeing that there are two viable candidates, Rick and Kay... the others are unelectable. They see that he is by far the more conservative choice... he is a known commodity in a time when Texas is doing pretty well comparatively speaking... and he is someone who has "buried the hatchet" with conservatives in recent months and years.

I think this sort of shows how Kay just can't win this race, if she can't even get the "Anybody But Perry" types. Here is Dr. Hotze's burying the hatchet letter to his members earlier this year... and Rick's peeps announced his endorsement last week...

"Burying The Hatchet" To Advance Conservative Legislation

Steven F. Hotze, M.D.
January 23, 2009

Dear Fellow Conservatives :

Harmonious relationships are essential to accomplishing goals. On Wednesday morning, January 14th, I met with Governor Rick Perry in his private office at the State Capitol in order to restore our relationship. Although Governor Perry and I havediffered on some issues in the past, it seemed essential for us to"bury the hatchet" and work together to advance conservative legislation in the 2009 Texas Legislature.

Our meeting was very productive. We discussed the keylegislative goals that Conservative Republicans of Texas and other conservative leaders across Texas are committed to advancing during this legislative session . They are as follows:
  1. A bill requiring an ultrasound for women prior to abortion
  2. Reduction of property tax by instituting property appraisal caps which would limit property appraisals increases to 5% per annum
  3. Elimination of the business tax
  4. Legislation addressing voter identification and fraud

These important conservative policies will produce a strong, positive impact upon the daily lives of Texas families . They will strengthen our economy and create jobs in the currenteconomic downturn.

The Legislative Session runs through May 30, 2009, so time is short. Restoring broken relationships and working together for our shared goals is critical to success in this session. I praise God for His goodness in helping to restore this relationship, and I trust that He will bless our efforts in these next weeks and months.

Stay tuned for important updates on these four key legislative issues. Conservative Republicans of Texas needs yourcontinued involvement in order to achieve the goal of passing these legislative initiatives. You have already had a tremendous impact through your contacting of the Texas State Senators, causing them to change the Blocker Rule. We mustcontinue to press ahead on all fronts.

With much appreciation for your commitment to liberty, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Steven F. Hotze, M.D.
President, Conservative Republicans of Texas

Kay's peeps are seizing on his old statements to use them against Rick, but really all that shows is that if he felt so strongly about those issues yet still has chosen Rick over Kay, I think she is really in a lot more trouble than people realized earlier this year.

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