Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kay misses another vote... Rick's peeps pounce again...

Kay missed another vote today... this time on a vote about earmarks... (link). Excerpt follows...
If it wasn’t ACORN, it would have been something else. The fact that the first Senate vote Kay Bailey Hutchison missed since entering the governor’s race happened to be on ACORN — a group Republicans love to hate — was just a bonus.

“She should be ashamed and apologize to the people of Texas for ignoring her responsibilities in the U.S. Senate,” said Gov. Rick Perry’s spokesman, Mark Miner.

Apparently, Perry thinks that even though she’s rotten at her job, she ought to devote more time to it.

For the good of Texas, of course.

Hunker down in Washington, and you leave the playing field to the other guy. Skip work to press the flesh or pad your coffers — Hutchison was raising money at Roger Staubach’s house in Dallas, it turns out — and you hand your opponent evidence of your dereliction.

“There’s a balancing act. And not all votes are equal,” said Hutchison spokeswoman Jennifer Baker. “She has not missed a critical vote … and she won’t.”

My gosh Jennifer Baker is walking a terribly close line there... she is saying that the ACORN vote and the earmark vote are not crucial? I guess she probably means that Kay was not the deciding vote in either of the votes. How often does that really happen though? How often is Kay the swing vote? Probably never.

Really it is more than the votes... if she is not engaged she is not able to convince people of her position... which she should be doing... she should be working to get people to vote with her...

Gillman also has an interesting fact...

Perry’s team didn’t mention this, but Hutchison has one of the Senate’s worst attendance records this year, skipping 6.7 percent of roll call votes. Only seven colleagues have worse records. And she missed a vote on Tuesday, on yet another issue that is dear to Republicans – an effort to strip “earmarked” spending from a transportation bill.

Perry’s camp hit her on that one, too.

Only 7 colleagues have worse attendance records than Kay? Makes sense...

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