Thursday, September 17, 2009


Red State has a funny flyer up about Kay being missing from her job (link). Excerpt follows...

At some point a campaign can hit so hard, so fast, and so frequently that people begin to feel sorry for the beaten up opponent.

I’m afraid that may happen in the Texas GOP Gubernatorial Primary. But Kay Bailey Hutchison is just the gift that keeps on giving to the Perry team. Still, I’m getting a bit squeamish with so many punches thrown.

On the other hand, every punch has been legitimate. Every issue has been accurate. And Kay’s campaign would be doing the same thing, but they cannot get their act together. I’m actually a bit dumbfounded by the inability of the Hutchison campaign team to show a pulse. It’s like she hired Creigh Deeds’ campaign staff.

Alamo City Pundit also rips Kay for dereliction of duty (link). Excerpt follows...
Classic. Ms. “It’s-My-Turn” Hutchison? Just resign now and let us put somebody in that seat that will actually do the job and represent Texas. And forget the primary — you’re toast, sweetie.
Kay missing votes is a legitimate gripe and one of my biggest pet peeves.

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