Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wait, Rick is a superhero?

Some kid in Corpus Christi was confused and thought Rick was some sort of superhero (link). Excerpt follows...

Look, up in the sky! It’s ... Gov. Perry?

Corpus Christi International Airport spokeswoman Angela Rowe brought her son Holden, 3, to a fundraiser held for Perry at Jerry and Glenda Kane’s home Wednesday night.

Holden, who was dressed like Spider-Man and waiting to have his picture taken with Perry, was convinced that the governor was a superhero.

The boy quizzed his mother and the Kanes’ son Jeff about where the governor’s superhero suit was and whether the governor wears a cape.

“He’s wearing his costume,” Jeff Kane said. “It just looks like a suit. His jacket, it’s super bulletproof.”

When Holden got to the front of the line, Perry corrected Kane’s assertion about his costume.

“This is not my Superman costume,” the governor said. “I have a different one at home for when I’m in superhero mode.”

Listen... I like Rick and even wrote a check to him and endorsed earlier this summer... but idolizing our politicians is really getting out of hand.... the Obama worship was bad, but telling your kid the politician is a super hero is only going to set this kid up for disappointment when he grows up and politicians let him down...

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  1. Rick is definitely wearing a costume, but I don't think that it makes him a super hero. I think it makes him corrupt. He's wearing the costume of international business, big pharma, world government shill.


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