Monday, September 14, 2009

Kay sez not to rush on health care reform...

Kay was in Wichita Falls over the weekend telling people that she doesn't want to rush health care reform (link). Excerpt follows...

While she readily acknowledges the system needs significant work to make it healthy, she doesn’t want a hurried political approach that would take away from quality care, patient choice and affordable coverage.

“What we need to do is provide help to the 15 percent of our population if they don’t have coverage or don’t like their coverage,” Hutchison said Saturday.

Hutchison, who announced in August she is running as a Republican for Texas governor in 2010, pointed out that more than 250,000 people in the state have lost jobs.

Forcing fines on employers and taxes on families or individuals are possibilities under the measures under discussion, she said. Making people pay like that is going to discourage employment, she said.

The funny thing about the headline "Hutchison: Don't rush reform of health care system" is that Kay is still not really saying no outright to reform... she is just saying to do it more slowly... which fits her style of slow expansion of government programs...

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  1. Wrong again. Kay Bailey Hutchison wants to kill ObamaCare


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