Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kay's Anti Toll Road Disingenuousness

Off the Kuff is a very liberal blog, but I think Charles has this one right... Kay is not believable as an anti toll road crusader (link)...

I suppose we should be glad to know that somewhere in there KBH actually has a message and a strategy that goes beyond “Be my lovable self”. Two things, though. One, I’m not sure this issue is really going to move anyone who isn’t already in “anybody-but-Perry mode”, as Terri Hall puts it. I do agree that the TTC has turned people off from Rick Perry, and has created a constituency against him out of thin air, to borrow Paul Burka’s terminology. I just don’t think that constituency is growing any more, and I don’t think the toll road issue is going to be all that relevant in today’s political environment. I thought toll roads were going to be a game-changer in 2006, but in the end they were a dud. After all this time, and with the TTC being essentially dead, I just don’t see how this draws any new voters away from Rick Perry. It does energize some people, and that does matter, but until those people are energized for Kay and not merely against Perry, it doesn’t do much for her.

And two, not to be tacky about it, but where’s KBH been on this all this time? I certainly don’t remember her having much to say about the TTC before now, when it’s politically useful for her. Being against the TTC is easy, but having an alternative plan, which she doesn’t, is where it gets complicated. The anti-tollers already have a champion running for Governor, so if KBH really wants their support she’s going to have to do better than this.

The main reason Kay doesn't have credibility on toll roads is that she has been pro toll road in the past, and her new anti toll road attitude seems based completely on a poll she probably took showing Rick vulnerable on this issue, not based on a true personal conviction...

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