Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rick's video about "Texas Succeeding"

GOP12 blog has Kay's new attack video and calls it "salient" (link).

Not really...

Here is what Kay doesn't get. Here's what a lot of people outside of Texas don't get.

Rick turned down hundreds of millions in strings-attached stimulus dollars and accepted the rest. That was never a question. Rick never said he was rejecting all of it, just that part... which was controversial enough...

Kay wanted Rick to take that extra 550 million with federal strings attached. She fell in the polls as soon as she started criticizing Rick for rejecting that portion of the stimulus. She still criticizes Rick on that point all the time to her detriment. I don't get why she keeps bringing that back up. As Rick's peeps have told me and I agree with, people should also keep in mind that Texas sends a lot more dollars to DC than it gets back in return, so Texas getting some stimulus dollars is really just Texas getting back a fraction of the dollars it has put in, after it has been skimmed and filtered and redistributed by DC along the way. Kay's ad has a lot of dubious claims that weaken the stronger points in the video. Rick's "Texas Succeeding" ad is a lot better because it is uplifting and makes you just want to scream and shout from the rooftops about how much you love Texas. At least that is what it did for me... as a multi generation Texan who misses home right now in a big way...

In the end Texans don't like candidates who talk bad about Texas, Our Texas, so Kay was at least smart enough to put a message at the beginning of her video saying that Texas is the greatest state in the nation. Finally she is admitting that after so many months of crapping all over Texas.

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