Monday, September 14, 2009

This blog sums up how active Republicans view Rick and Kay...

The North Texas Conservative sez (link)...

During an interview with the publication KBH said that the Republican party needs to move away from social and moral issues, welcome in individuals who might support abortion and/or gay marriage, and focus on conservative fiscal issues in order to bring in a wider demographic of voters. She recognized that the GOP has lost so many elections, because the conservative base who have felt continuously betrayed by the Republican Party decided to stay home in 2006, and the only thing that brought them out to the polls in 2008 was to vote against Barack Obama. Hutchison believes it is because of the GOP’s focus on social issues that has disenchanted conservative voters. Silly Washington insider, it is because of R.I.N.O.s like you that the GOP has lost the conservative base.
The Dallas County Republican Party chairman, Jonathan Neerman, was also interviewed and he agreed with the idea that the GOP needs to put more focus on promoting limited government and responsible spending. I couldn’t agree more. However, Sen. Hutchison is not exactly the one to speak on promoting less government expansion. She preaches responsible federal and state spending, and limited government now that she is on the campaign trail, but while Governor Rick Perry was supporting state policies that advocated responsible state spending, and helping our state continue to be fiscally strong in a time of economic uncertainty KBH was in Washington helping push through a bailout package that lead to the largest governmental expansion our country has seen in a long time.
Neerman is right, we need Republican leaders who are willing to actively and aggressively promote limited government and fiscal responsibility. Contrary to what Hutchison wants you to think the problem is not the Party’s stance on social and moral issues. The problem is we have so many moderate and liberal Republican elected officials like KBH who claim to be representing traditional conservative values when in reality she has tossed such principles out the window. The bailout package, that Hutchison supported, created a heavier burden that my generation and future generations will have to carry. We do not need her weakening our state when we are doing so well. She has done enough damage in Washington.

I think Kay is hurting herself by writing off social conservatives.

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  1. KBH didn't vote to stop funding ACORN and she wants Texans to vote for her to be their governor? Good luck Kay! you are going to need it.


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