Monday, September 14, 2009

Rick calls in the Texas Rangers... Kay complains about it...

Johnny Alamo sums it up very well (link). Excerpt follows...

I’m not sure Kay will be able to return to Texas when she’s done at this rate. And how out-of-touch with your home state do you have to be to not know about the border violence in El Paso and Eagle Pass?

Kay? Word to the wise? Just keep your own campaign promise and resign your Senate seat already. If you win, you’re Governor, and we’ll get a better Senator. If you lose, we get a great Governor and a better Senator too.

You’re not impressing me anymore, Kay. And we live in times too uncertain to have a Senator (or Governor, for that matter) who might go all wobbly on us.

Resign, Kay. Resign now like you promised, please.

Ouch. Kay's first reaction to everything Rick does is to be opposed to it and ridicule it. On this one Kay should have kept quiet, because she came off as very very petty for attacking Rick...

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