Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shake up at Kay's campaign staff... again?

Been hearing rumors about Kay bringing on additional campaign staff and that she might not be 100% satisfied with her current peeps... now this (link). Excerpt follows from the Palmetto Scoop...



South Carolina’s brief respite from “Terrible” Terry Sullivan, a politico known for his downright dirty campaign tactics, may be at an end.

Less than two months after Sullivan went to Texas to run the gubernatorial campaign of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Lone Star State politicos say he might soon be out of a job.

“Word around Austin is that Hutchison is bringing in a new guy Keats Norfleet, to right her ship, because Sullivan is not working out,” said one Texas insider.

David Oefinger of confirmed on his Website that Norfleet had been named Hutchison’s senior campaign advisor.

Sullivan’s sudden removal wouldn’t be too shocking given his awful first 50 days at the new post.

In early August, Hutchison’s campaign was busted by Google for allegedly loading their brand new campaign website with more than 2,200 hidden phrases — including “rick perry gay.” Rick Perry is the current governor of Texas and Hutchison’s primary opponent.

Later that month, Hutchison’s campaign announcement in her hometown of La Marque drew barely two dozen supporters.

Then, on Tuesday, Hutchison’s campaign was exposed video taping a Perry stump speech and trying to pass off an edited version that made it look like the governor said Texas was recession-proof, when he didn’t.

Some believe this week’s fiasco may have been the final straw that will end Sullivan’s brief tenure in Texas. I suppose we will find out in the coming days…

I am hearing different rumors from different sources, but the real deal here is that there does seem to be a lot of turmoil at her campaign. Maybe that is the point... to keep people on their toes and make them work harder to avoid getting canned?

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  1. Yes, but until notebooks have been flung, it's not a REAL shakeup.


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