Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kay zigging and zagging on the Texas economy...

The Texas economy is pretty good. Almost nobody denies that. Kay denies it sometimes, saying that Texas is terrible and this and that... but other times admits Texas is doing pretty well other times and says Rick can't take credit for it. Burka has some thoughts (link). Excerpt follows...

In taking on Perry on the issue of the state’s fiscal health, I think Hutchison is running into a brick wall. How do you make the case when the numbers are on Perry’s side? Who thought this was a winning argument? It doesn’t matter that the policies that have Texas in a relatively good fiscal position did not start with Rick Perry. They go back fifty years, to the era of the conservative Democrats, whose mantra was a “good ‘bidness’ climate.” The good business climate meant low taxes, minimal services, and favorable regulation for business. Nothing has changed. State budget writers have always been cautious about spending money, allocating well over 90% of the available revenue to education, health care, and law enforcement. It starts with the Legislative Budget Board, whose budget is always “bare bones.” But Perry has involved himself in keeping budgets lean as well, by having executive agencies reduce their spending requests.

Kay needs to figure out whether she thinks the economy sucks or that it is good but Rick can't take credit. She can't have it both ways.

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  1. Texas unemployment numbers should be coming out tomorrow. They're going to show us near record unemployment going back to at least 1976. Yeah, we're doing swell.


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