Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why is Kay running again?

The influential conservative blog The American Thinker blogs about Kay and her quest to become governor (link). Excerpt follows...
Hutchison seems to be more interested in personal aggrandizement than in the future of the state that has been very good to her.

Thanks to her ambition, Republicans will be forced to take sides in the coming bloodbath that can only embolden the opposition party. When the smoke clears, will the state be any better off than it is now? If Senator Hutchison really cared about the next generation, instead of the next election, she would put an end to this reckless campaign and continue her capable service to the country. By doing so, she could prove to be a statesman after all.
Read some of the comments on that blog... she is getting savaged by people who agree that there is nothing redeeming in her run right now. Her run only seems self serving when you really break it down... there was no great outcry for her to get in the race like you saw for Pat Toomey to run against Arlen Specter...

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