Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lisa Falkenberg continues to carry Bill White's water...

I expect to see Lisa Falkenberg on Bill White's campaign finance reports somewhere... in kind donation or expenditure or something... she is part of the Bill White team (link). Excerpt follows...

The “Sanctuary Committee” at the Houston- based anti-illegal immigration organization Texans for Immigration Reform, was disbanded a couple of years ago.

Larry Youngblood, a computer consultant who used to sit on the panel aimed at drawing attention to Houston's alleged “sanctuary city” status, said it just “didn't seem to be making any headway.”

Gov. Rick Perry apparently is hoping to have better results.

His campaign has unearthed the tired, fuzzy “sanctuary city” label, often used against Houston and other large cities, in his attacks against Democratic gubernatorial opponent and former Houston Mayor Bill White.

Seriously... get a room. The PDA from Lisa Falkenberg toward Bill White is getting ugly...

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  1. Why does the Houston Chronicle take the stand that they are not a liberal newspaper, but yet they consistently put Falkenberg's pieces in the city & state section, instead of the editorial where they belong?


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